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Guizhou Tongren Wuling Tianxia Network Technology Co., Ltd. is upgraded from the brand of Tongren Yizhou Software Development Co., Ltd., and has absorbed more talents on the basis of the same people. Wuling Tianxia Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company that provides network information technology application planning, website construction, software development, WeChat public account development, applet development, independent website operation, e-commerce sales and services to various enterprises and institutions and government agencies. the company.

The company has a high-quality and experienced R & D team and technical support team. Since the establishment of Yizhou in March 2004 and its upgrade to Wuling World in 2013, it has not only relied on its own technical and design advantages to create many or large or large Small outstanding engineering projects have even more ingeniously put forward the business concept of "brand services", that is, the company undertakes "high-quality engineering and branded services" regardless of the size of the business undertaken by the company.

The company's R & D scope includes collaborative OA office automation systems, industry charging management systems, and website content management systems. To date, many products have been used in various fields. In the process of providing services to customers, we have established good mutually beneficial cooperative relationships with customers. , Won a good reputation, trusted by customers. With the rapid development of industrial informationization, we will, as always, dedicate more advanced and reliable products, as well as better and more efficient services to our customers.

Wuling World provides you with integrated solutions and comprehensive visual communication services through the combined use of creativity, new technologies and new media.

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One-stop network service provider with 15 years of Internet industry experience and a mature development team. The company's landline: 0856-5202348 provides a series of high-quality professional services such as WeChat public account development, applet development, and website construction. Guizhou ICP No. 15002016 No.-5